The children in the Regina Public School System are our future. I feel strongly about including students in the process on a regular basis, to see ideas they have to offer. Who knows better than they do on what changes need to be made? I believe that consultation with our young leaders is a valuable asset that is missing in today’s education system in Regina.

I also believe that it is imperative that members of the board become more involved with their individual schools throughout the year. Whether it be school council meetings, assembly visits, or fundraiser appearances, trustees should make an attempt to be present regularly for school events.

Mental health advocacy is one of my greatest passions. I obtained my ‘Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others’ certification in April of 2019 and have battled depression and anxiety personally for the majority of my life. In 2015 I decided the best way to combat my issues with anxiety and depression was being open and honest about my struggles. From that moment, I have become an advocate for change on how we can help those who struggle. I live my life proudly with the motto that I am #SickNotWeak. I will stop at nothing to help students in any way that I can, to show them that they matter and they are not alone in their struggles. I will advocate for policies to bring about a change to the way we look at mental health for our children and push for various mental health programs to be implemented in our schools to assist everyone from our children to those educating them.

As we navigate the Covid-19 era, one thing that has become painstakingly clear is that our education system is vastly underfunded. I intend to lobby for more funding for Regina’s Public Schools. Whether it be funding for school supplies, repairs, or an improvement to the technology in our public school system, we need to invest more in our children. They are the future, and we need to do a better job of setting them up for success.

I support inclusivity in our schools. Every child deserves the right to be who they are, without fear of oppression. After Aleanna Young’s “Pride Motion” was defeated last year I was spurred on to run for School Board Trustee. We must create a school division where every student is equal regardless of race, religion, gender identity or special needs. I will fight to make inclusivity reality.

Thanks to a resident of subdivision 4, I was alerted to the fact that at this time, zero Regina Public School playgrounds are considered accessible for those with mobility issues. While I understand that playgrounds fall under PTA control, this oversight needs to be corrected. As your next trustee, I hope to work with parents across the city to setup accessible playgrounds all across our school system. Every child deserves the chance to play.

I firmly believe our children’s safety while they are at school is of the upmost importance. Not only should students feel safe while they are inside the classroom with the creation of safe places, I believe they should also be able to enjoy themselves and their friends free from fear of bullying. We must work with available resources to achieve a way to teach the children about bullying others and get to the root of why it is happening. Working as a team the children will be able to identify when someone is bullied, how to report it and deal with the issue. Staff and Administration must also be trained in correctly responding to all allegations of bullying and not turning a blind eye to the occurrences.

In these times where COVID-19 has caused so many procedural changes to how to keep our families safe, I will advocate for any and all steps that our school board must take to  continue to flatten the curve and safely get our children back in the classroom, to achieve their maximum learning potential.

I pledge to bring positive change to our school board. I am open to hearing all the thoughts and concerns that parents and educators have regarding the way children are taught. I will use the knowledge I have gained in my profession as an IT Systems Analyst along with the social media skills I have acquired with my podcast and mental health advocacy to be able to communicate quickly and directly with parents, educators and my fellow school board trustees.