I have been blessed by the financial support I have received throughout my campaign. Without the help of some very kind and generous people, I would not have been able to run a campaign the way I need. I am not the type of person who can go around asking for money, so for people to come to me over the past 2 months to help fund my campaign means the world to me.

It is not in me to receive without giving back, so I have decided to make a pledge.

If I am elected, I will have the financial freedom to give back to those who need it. With that in mind, if elected, I pledge to donate $1.25 for every dollar I have received in campaign donations, to the Canadian Mental Health Association – Regina Branch. If my bid is unsuccessful, I will still pledge a donation of $0.25 for every dollar donated to my campaign.

The donations of my pledge will be done over my 4 year term as School Board Trustee. This pledge will include any donations made to my campaign up to and including election day on November 9th, 2020