Family Man

Proud husband of 9 years to my wife Krystal, and dad to our three amazing children Dylan (8), Scarlette (4) and Parker (1). As a father and husband, I know family comes first. As your next Public School Board trustee for Subdivision 4, I plan to put all of our children first.

Business Owner

I am President of Piffles Sports Media Ltd, and co-host of The Piffles Podcast. In order to have success with my business, I have to ensure information gets to the people who need it. I will to put the same process into action as School Board Trustee. I will utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Newsletters, along with conventional methods to ensure everyone is in the know.

We have always been a community minded organization, with a desire to raise money for children’s charities. Over the past 3 years, we have worked with Hope’s Home, Hospitals of Regina Foundation (NICU), and Children’s Miracle Network, to help those in need. As an example of the work we do, we raised $6500 for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation (Specifically for the NICU) with our Cody Fajardo Jesus Sprinkles shirts in 2019.

IT Professional

In the IT world, three things are key; organization, planning, and the ability to embrace change. These 3 factors are key in being successful as a Trustee on the Regina Public School Board.

Mental Health Advocate

After being diagnosed with depression several years ago, I have been an open mental health advocate on social media. I have made it clear that my DMs/Facebook messages are a safe place for anyone who is suffering from mental health issues and needs someone to talk to. I have completed the “Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others” certification through the Canadian Red Cross, and am in the process of creating a new website aimed at the mental health community.