for Regina Public School Board Trustee Subdivision 4

I am a proud husband of 9 years, and father to three wonderful children. As a father and husband, I know family comes first. As your next Public School Board trustee for Subdivision 4, I plan to put all of our children first too. Our educational needs are changing daily, and we need somebody with new ideas in mind to adapt our school system to those needs. When I am not at home, I work as an IT professional —  a role many are familiar with following the COVID-19 pandemic. I spent countless hours getting customers, coworkers and friends set up to work remotely from home. I am willing and excited to do the same for setting up a new generation of online-educated students.

I am also a local mental health advocate. Recently, I have completed the “Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others” certification through the Canadian Red Cross. Our students need mental health awareness at the forefront of education. The better we understand our students, and how they understand themselves, the better education is for all.

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